Settle the Debate


I very hesitantly took this trade because I believed it was an SLZ (and it did work), but my father (we work together and are learning this together) said that I shouldn’t have taken it because it wasn’t an SLZ. I just wanted to get another opinion. I’m still new and very willing to accept that I am wrong. Thanks.


Thats was not an slz you would have had a blue detector if it was. It must have a start before tge reversL bar a vs of ideall 10 but 15 ot less on bar vefore reverasal and a izone on bar before or 2 bars before reversal bar. Then it must be off of one of the 5 mahot levels

Walls, Stacks/double mm, walls, flux, deviation

These specodic combos add up to a proabability tradr cs a possibioity trade.

Good questions :slight_smile:


Thanks. The blue indicator mark was the reason why he said it wasn’t. That makes sense. I’ll be sure to keep this as an example of a trade not to take in the future.