Sniper Bootcamp - Shutout to Darrell


“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing” -Warren Buffett.

I just wanted to give a huge shout out to Darrell Martin. He truly embodies what a great mentor should do. this morning was my first day Live in the trading room. After trading for several days on the demo i felt confident going live. I started the five setups I watched videos And I was up over $1000 on the demo.

Skip forward a few bad trades on live and I was feeling mentally and emotionally stressed, while the rest of the room was celebrating their winnings. I decided that time to take a break and figure out what I’m missing. I noticed that Darrell called and left a voicemail over the weekend. In his message he stressed that this is not an automatic recording, but instead of real voicemail and he is reaching out to everyone in the sniper boot camp to make sure did they get the training. Who else does this??! I reached out to him on Skype and asked what time we can get on the call, he offered 3:00 PM. I called him at 3:00pm and told him I have a busy day ahead of me and asked if he can talk to me at 6:00. He spent an hour on the phone with me walking me through each one of my trades that I’ve taken in the morning. We went through every mistake. He explained to me how to track divergence, how to avoid false entries and how to trade off the chart. In one hour, I picked up everything I was missing or did not understand from the videos. If you are still on the fence about trading the system, or feel you are missing something, stop what you are doing and schedule some time with Darrell so he can fill in the gaps for you. What he is offering is priceless! Take action! Reduce your risk. Thanks again Darrell if you are reading this!


I read every post props to you for reachung out and asking questions. Simplle mistakes we fixed with a singke day chart review. My pleasure to help.