Sniper System - My 2 Week Review - Disappointed! 85% Win Rate


So its been 2 weeks since I started using the Sniper System… and if there is one word to describe my experience so far, its DISAPPOINTED.

Little back story:

Ive been with Apex for 5+ years now and I’ve used many of their systems/indicators such as SEES, Izone Sharpshooter, Power Plays, Trend Catcher, and more. Before I found Apex, I spent thousands (Yes, THOUSANDS) on training systems, indicators, software, videos, webinars… you name it… I probably bought it. Of course, i had little to no success with those and just wrote it off as an experience in my trading career.

When I found Apex, I started using their Trend Catcher system and then moved to IZSS. After a lot of time and back testing, i was finally beginning to see my demo account grow… slowly. Everything was going great but something about those systems just wasn’t for me.

Fast forward a few years and now I’m using Apex Power Plays… and then the KISS system. More time invested and more success followed. Everything seemed to work just fine but I still wasn’t seeing the growth I wanted. I don’t blame Apex for that at all. The systems are great and they work. I pulled off many profitable trades but still felt there was something missing.

Now here we are… Q4 2019. Sniper System was released and I spent 2 weeks in demo with it.

I’m sure you’re wondering why i’m disappointed… well, I’ll tell you…

WHERE WAS THIS SYSTEM 5 YEARS AGO, APEX ?! This system is phenomenal. After I finally got everything nailed down my win rate has been over 85% and i’m locking in multiple winning trades before 10am! If you would have told me 5 years ago that someone would create a trading system that would give me an 85%+ success rate… I would have laughed and said it was a scam. The Sniper System is the real deal.

After demo trading on NQ for a week… I kinda broke the rules a little and tried some other symbols. I couldn’t believe it… I was locking in successful trades across the board. NQ, YM, ES, GC, CL, and so on.

Heres the thing… If you watched the videos and are not winning trades… you need to watch them again… Rinse and repeat. My biggest issue was identifying chop and learning when not to enter a “Sniper” trade. Even after all of these years I still get myself wrapped up in a choppy market. Once you get it worked out… you’ll be amazed at what this system can do for you.

Now… its only been 2 weeks and I haven’t had a chance to try it in a wide array of market conditions… but from what I experienced so far it looks like I can be profitable any time of day. Most of my trades are at US market open… but I’ve been able to snag a few good trades around 7-9pm EST. Sometimes even late night trades are great.

Overall… This system is a home run in my opinion. Well done, Apex!

The only gripes I’ve had demoing this system are the Sniper template and the Elite Room. 1- The Sniper template can get very cluttered at times and be a bit overwhelming. BUT… I doubt this is a problem for most people. I’m colorblind so it takes a while for me to get adjusted to new chart layouts. Very minor issue 2- Not really a Sniper problem… but Hotcomm (Elite Room) can be finicky. Would be nice to see an update in the near future with some sort of mobile support. Maybe move it to Discord or a different provider? Again… Very minor issue. I’m nitpicking at this point.

All things considered… I’m loving this system and all of the reviews are true… Sniper is really that good.

If you have any questions about my experience… please don’t hesitate to reach out.



Wow Brad. You and my experiences sound exactly the same! Its as if we share the same brain except im not color blind LOL. Excellent review, couldnt agree more!


I find your comments very interesting and welcome. Really glad to see you are developing as a trader. Not only traders, but Apex itself is continuing to develop and grow. Because of the this continued investment back into Apex, new cutting edge Indicators and training (at a small fraction of the cost of other educational trading companies) is being made available.

Another of the truly remarkable items, that has brought a smile to my face, is the continued giving of so many traders. We are not paid by Apex. We volunteer our time and effort, including our trading skills to help others. THT-Traders Helping Traders truly is at work with Apex. I have never seen this happen with any of the other trading rooms I have been a part of. Thank you Apex. It is a honor to be included as one of these volunteers.
Craig McClellan


has anyone disclosed being a proffesional trader vs a retail trader in this group before?