So, was this a good trade?



Technically, not really. You were going against DR, did not have OD, could be considered coil chop there, but probably wouldn’t have seen that while the bars were forming, volume was low, looks like you didn’t have an ATM in place. More possibility than probability in my opinion. Not great for a sniper trade. Maybe you took it off a simplicity chart? But would need to see a picture of that chart to see if it was a valid simplicity trade.


Risky Sniper trade, if that’s what you were doing. The only things I can see are a previous paw and a current paw forming some type of level or range that caused a reversal. Fortunately, it worked out for you. However, I wouldn’t make it a habit of taking trades like this, especially with volatile markets like NQ.


which one was the valid entry?


First one yes, Filtered TX. Second, worked, but a lot of congestion in that area. Probably wouldn’t have taken it myself.