Spreadsheet Journal for Trading Binaries


Hello everyone,

I have created a Spreadsheet Journal to keep record of your Binary Options trades. This is version 1.0. Newer versions will release in the future.


  • Equity Curve
  • Risk Calculator
  • Risk Reward Calculator
  • Average Risk
  • Average Reward
  • Autoplotter

All you have to do is fill in your starting capital in cell T1, and then fill in the Trade #, Instrument, Date, Long/Short, Contracts #, Entry, Risk, Exit, Win/Loss/BE (just have to fill in 1 in whichever of the three) and your trade comments.

For any bugs or recommendations please post, thank you!


Here is version 1.1.

version 1.0 had an error in the formula in measuring return on capital.

Binary Options TradeSheet ver 1.1.zip (41.6 KB)


That’s awesome work!!! Thanks for the share. Makes my spreadsheets look sad, like wilted lettuce…



Link for the binary spreadsheet calculator doesn’t seem to work, please can you re-apload