Start up money


I am looking to get started as soon as possible. I am working my way through the educational videos and I already have ninja trader setup and Im about to get all of my data feed set up as well. I would to know how much I should save up to start my account. I dont want to put up a couple k only to find out I need 26k minimum to start.


Here are two sections of the forum that cover this. here “”]Here and [URL=“”[/url].

You definitely don’t need 26k to start, but it depends upon what you plan on trading. If you are trading futures you will need more than if you are only trading NADEX. I started with 5K (traded NADEX) and was very comfortable with risk… I know there are some that are trading NADEX with 1k accounts, you just have to realize that your risk is going to be higher than desired for long term sustainability and profitability until you reach 3K or so.

I would caution you though that make sure you demo demo and demo. You have taken in a lot of valuable info that Darrell has put out. The inclination is to get out and do it. But, if you can’t make money in demo, you will certainly lose money for real. If you have traded before, it is still necessary to demo how NT works, how NADEX works, and how to trade the signals in the various systems.

Happy trading!!! Brad


well the drawdowns for mvp can easily be in the $40 range. so a few contracts per trade in nadex can cost you $120 x say 4 losing trades a day for a total of 480 for the day. so if you trade 2% a day you have to have at least $24k in your account. you can read about the get rich theme here and other sites but the truth is you are gonna lose fast if you trade 5% a day with only a $5k account. see, many sites and their “followers” are drinking the kool-aid. the guru waves his magic wand the followers see and hear what feels good. the truth is you have to have deep pockets to trade. nadex pays many guru’s by way of webinars to the public to get new customers, churn and burn. keepem moving. of course, you probably wont read this since it would disrupt the money machine that is apex.


I take it you have the experience and plenty of time in testing to back up what you’ve said? I mean, I haven’t exactly been here a long time, but I’ve seen enough to convince me that apex works. If I’m wrong, then I’ll have to learn the hard way won’t I?

As for your claims about account size I think you’re making some assumptions here. Darrell’s risk/reward model does say to aim for 5%, but it’s not meant to be all at once. Say you have $5k. 5% = $250. You then divide that amount, by six if going by the recommendations. So then that’s just over $40 risk per trade. If you lose the 40, scale down your risk. Doing multiple contracts per trade as you suggested would often fly in the face of this model. Of course, that’s entirely up to the trader if they’re willing to put more into it than the recommendations.

And Darrell being a “guru”? I’ve hung out in internet marketing circles for years. I’ve seen enough over inflated hype with faked screenshots/testimonials to last me a lifetime, and I’ve had some interaction with some of these gurus and their kool-aid drinking armies of fanboys. I don’t see that here. If you’ve come here after seeing scams elsewhere then I definitely understand being skeptical. But I wonder if you’ve tried the system before attacking it? At the very least tried to learn it? If you have and you’re having trouble understanding it there are those willing to help.


Thank you guys for the responses. I actually didn’t expect to get a single response. So far I feel very confident with the information and techniques that I have witnessed. I am very excited to get started. Surely Im going to have to start out with Nadex. I dont have a lot of money to start out with but I did make numerous successful trades with my demo account. Thanks again for taking the time to respond!


Steve has not taken a single course nor has he subscribed or tried a single system on apex

Must be here for other reasons. Maybe a competitor, maybe burned by others, maybe lost money on something else, maybe just angry at the world etc…

I don’t mind questions or questioning how I trade or others trade. I don’t mind challenges etc… But I do mind ignorant insult to the traders at Apex. So to speak negatively to others when you have nothing to base it on is not acceptable.

Traders post trades, backtest, live results, lead in the rooms and do so without any financial incentive from apex.

Many users trade the systems here everyday. Many use the free (VERY EXPENSIVE) tools I have paid out of my trading pocket everyday (ie scanner). I don’t make a fortune on Apex. I am the lowest paid person at Apex actually. Apex is to help me and other traders build tools and develop a community where we can all grow. The machine is the community of traders that are trying to excel.

To speak negatively about something when you know nothing about it (as evidenced below) shows that the person (steve) has no desire to provide any kind of benefit to the community.

Wish the best to you Steve but we have enough people learning to trade without people who have negativity based on well nothing. You have learned nothing and tried nothing and trying to feed misinformation (banned)


Ideally the risk is 5%/6

This is the goal you should work towards

The idea is not to lose 5% a day obviously. In fact this would mean you would have to have 6 net losses Meaning 2 wins 8 losses etc… and well i see a lot of traders but i don’t see those kind of records at all here at apex.

You can risk .10 a contract on micro forex a $1.00 a contract on CFDS, Spot Forex, Nadex Spreads $10 or more on futures per tick etc…

There is a trading instrument for just about any account size. Obviously the smaller it is the smaller the rewards but if you survive long enough (hardest part) to make it grow that will take care of itself.

Many trades don’t risk $40 as Steve thinks (without taking courses) We have all different bar sizes on Elite, (smaller size = less risk)

We have momentum scalps with even less risk, ETC’s, etc… I can go on and on and on. There are systems as well for various account sizes and comfort levels.

You may decide as I clearly lay out that you choose to exceed the ideal goal. I did when i started I did not have the funds for 5%/6. I did not even know that formula way back then. But I also knew that i was taking on more risk and used risk capital. As it hopefully grows make withdrawals and remove capital and grow the account and work towards the ideal goal of 5%/6.


Thanks again for the information! I have to say, for the record that I have been trying to learn how to trade for a while now and these educational videos do a great job at teaching the viewer. I have zero experience and I am very quickly connecting the dots and learning as I progress.