The journey continues...... My last trading day 755 ticks from various markets


Its been quite some time since I have posted anything in the forum. As a new trader that has not really experienced all the seasonal changes in the markets its been a very educational and trying transition from spring into summer. Back in March I was at the point where I could quit my day job, and may I add I did that with style, with a text, Your Fired! Finally Freedom, so I thought. Spring rolled into summer and then the big slow down. I went from doing no wrong , to everything was wrong. Psychologically beaten I turned to my APEX support group and after some rather humbling conversations I was pulled back from the point of quitting. Hats off to the Apex team of leaders and for all you do! Now I am back to profitability and trading better than ever. To all you new traders you can do this, lean on the leaders, learn from them and stay the course. ‘’’’’’’’’’’