The ninja trader setup


When i setup the ninja trader here, do i get real real time data for free. Sorry if i posted this wrong. i heard that nadex charts arent real real data


Yes that trial data feed is real time data


ok thanks I was just checking because normally it costs 50+ dollars a month for actual real time data edit: actuallly i just noticed that the data only moves 1 tick at a time, how is that real time data, on iq option i can see data to the 6th decimal place and beyond 2nd edit: id rather just use iq option for my real time data haha sad


What are you trading??

Though I just recently opened a live Ninja Trader account and had to subscribe to their monthly bundle. I had been using what was described in that training module for about 2 years without any issues.


im trading nadex binaries, I just noticed that the ninja trader data only changes by one pip at a time which isnt adequate for short term binaries


Under Tools - Go to Options

Then under Options - Go to Data

You will see an option to change it to a 1/10 pip/ Half Pip / Pip


thank you that helps


When I signed up for Ninja Trader, this is what I received:

From: Thank you for your interest in a free real-time futures data trial. Data trials are limited and you have exceeded your allowance. Please contact your broker if you have any questions. This is a system generated message, so any replies will not be received.

The problem is that this was the first time I applied.

The FXCM went through without a problem, but the CQG feed has to be installed before using the FXCM.

Any suggestions on getting the CQG free real-time futures trial, so I can proceed?


honestly i just use an IQ option demo account for pricing, they have ridiculously accurate quotes and charts ninja trader is overrated and the platform just feels too bulky for me

I also use nadex charts, they are quite good


@ D58DEC53 Try using a temporary throwaway email account when you sign up.

@ DYCEFOREVER The Apex Toolkit only works with NinjaTrader currently.


ever since i signed up for ninja kiwi they call me once a day in mid afternoon, trying to get me to sign up for their broker stuff


When using a throw away email, I am also getting the same demo allowance exceeded message. Anyone have any ideas to get the data? I am not able to fund a live account with ninja trader for the data.