The right strategy for me


Hi Guys

I’m looking for a suggestion for a strategy on binaries I’ve tried all templates on ninja but I just do have all the time needed to sit at the computer I’m on the UK time

I really prefer 20mins Binaries

I would prefer to up the number of contracts to hit my target of £300 profit per day rather than trying to gain pips on ninja strategies

I would prefer just a simple buy or sell strategy rather than stradles and strangles etc

Is there a course I could buy and learn

Thanks in advance



I think more established members should respond to your issues, but I’ll try.

If patience is an issue, then patience is what you need. If time is an issue, what are the available times for you to trade?

If you’re on UK time, focusing on Forex would be better for you. Specifically, focus on the London open and UK events within the first three hours of the open.

There are no 20 Minute Binaries (Nadex) for any Forex markets. So, you have to focus on the American Indices. Why do you prefer 20 Minute Binaries? Depending on your trade experience, they seem to be riskier. If you insist on them, there are posts and courses here that deal with trading within twenty minutes.

As far as increasing contracts, if you’re have not mastered the strategies, increasing contracts is the last thing you want to do. It’s one of the fastest ways to deplete you account. You have to accept the strategies.

As far as hitting your target daily profit, you have to slowly get to that point and not rush it. There’s a rule here where you spend 5% of your account daily for a month and then double your trades for each following month. (Of course, you have to have enough money in your account to be able to do the 5%.)

If you prefer simple buy/sell strategies, I’m guessing you want directional trades. There are posts here on the forum, as well as courses you can watch.

There’s nothing wrong with Straddles/Strangles. For example, with the London open, you could possibly do a Straddle/Strangle. Afterwards, there’s almost always some news event happening within three hours of the open. Depending on what types of events occur, you can do a Straddle/Strangle or IronCondor/IronButterfly. These can be “set it and forget it” type trades for those who can’t sit at their computer.

If you’re trading the US markets, the strategies are similar. There’s the US open, and there are events before and after the open.

Since I don’t know your trade knowledge, I don’t know where you should start in terms of what courses to view. Either someone else reading this post can make a recommendation, or contact support for course recommendations.