Trade Log



Could you do a tutorial video on how to keep a trade log. Excel or whatever convenient software you use.

I understand the importance of tracking your trades and I just write everything down on paper. I’m not competent in Excel yet and this would help greatly. Just trying to organize my trading while I learn how to trade binary options.




Not sure what your looking for. You can export all the trades from nadex into excel under “my account/transactions”.

We have a trading journal under survey - just search trading journal.

Also i recommend using jing to capture images and note trades what you did why - what you did wrong and what you did right etc…

Let me know what else your looking for.


The trade journal is very helpful, I dont understand how to export it to the trading journal but I do understand copy and paste one line at a time. I had searched for trade log but guess the wording was just wrong on my end. I guess Im still at that state of knowing what Im thinking but dont know how to ask it yet. Thanks


trade journal is more of a manual entry as with various trades, fees, spacing, etc… your going to have to either A) edit it or B) just add a SUM formula at the bottom of the row when you export it - then make your notes and put your screenshots next to each trade.


The major weakness of nadex is account history

You have no idea how you are doing on lets say binary trades vs spread trades

Horrible reporting, cannot look up any profit loss statements daily, weekly, etc

Nadex can be great with some upgrades…volume steady


Volume is growing 100% year over year.

They have multiple reports you can pull. But not ideal.

They are working in a whole new reporting system.

As for now just export paste into excel and it’s not that hard to get whatever data you want. But we are all looking forward to better reporting.