Trading Expo in Las Vegas Next Week



You mentioned on Friday’s TFNN radio show that you will be in Las Vegas the end of next week for some trading expo. I live near Las Vegas, so I would like to attend the expo if possible. Where can I find:

(1) The dates and location (which hotel or convention center) of the expo? (2) Each day’s agenda? (3) When and where you will be available to meet in person? (4) The price of admission?



The event kicks off Wendesday evening. Will be in full swing Thursday and Friday with a few things on Saturday.

It is at ceasars palace.

The event is free

I believe the link with all details schedules etc is

The Traders Expo Las Vegas – November 20 – 23, 2013

you can register free online or in person when you arrive

I will post my number so you can reach me when you get in and we can plan a place and time to meet.

If anyone is interested post it in the help desk and I will give you contact info. Once there I will probably post a place like a bar at the hotel where people can meet up.

Look forward to seeing you there



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Confused?? this thread is about the vegas expo. Feel free to start a new thread in the strategy nadex binaries section with any questions you have.


Darrell, Are there any more trade shows during the year that you attend? Found out about this one a few days before. Would have love to come.


I will.most likely attend nyc in feb


Ok great. Is there a website like the Las Vegas Expo had?


Yes same company