Trading journal of a long time rookie


This first post is essentially filler as I work on coming up with a game plan. So far I’m sticking with strangles on the Asian and London opens, have had mixed results partly due to my own mistakes. At this point my total P/L is in the positive and at some point I’ll have a screenshot of my first couple of weeks of gains and losses. I think for now I’ll make this a weekly journal just to get myself into the habit.

Long story short, I’ve traded in the past but was too stressed, freaked out too easily, and was inconsistent. I spent far too much time looking for that perfect combination of binaries and/or spreads. Today I’m calmer and don’t feel as if I “need” to make this work - though don’t get me wrong, my goal is to turn this into something that I can live off of.

Plus the recent open house and mastery course have really helped to lay a new trading foundation. The skype room has been great. I think I’m going to start with the power plays while studying the ultimate plays as a means of learning to better recognize different market conditions. I’ll also be taking the CL and NG news trades.

In the mean time I’m going to read this: The Holy grail finally found!

And start working on following this: Fast Track Your Learning Process! - Lori's Fast Track Learning Technique