Trend Catcher Simualted Trades & Stats Question


to take the trade signal on Trend Catcher you buy/sell at the signal line when you get that second arrow… right? So then why does the only take trades that the candle closed above/below the line but it shows it got in at the signal line?



the Simulated Trade doesn’t take all signals, Is there something that I’m missing?


Is your confirmation set to true and does the confirmation indicator on your chart match the confirmation settings in your trend catcher indicator?


I looked and adjusted the values, (they were not matching)… Does this look right?

<img src=/uploads/db0876/611/dbb3126481afe226.png">


Attachment not working Vin


I’m trying, but I’m having trouble uploading Jing pic of my settings… I did it my first post, and now I can’t?? here is a url:

2015-02-23_1505 - vin463’s library