Trend Confirm Indicator


This indicator puts a lower study of a type of confluence. It indicates the trend for four different measurements of a trend. The highest number is 80% of a minute bar. Each number is 25% less that that. When they all line up, you have confirmation of a trend in one direction or the other depending on the color. A complete line of green indicates a long trend. A complete line of red indicates a short trend. Yellow indicates chop. The settings are defaulted so there is not normally anything to adjust, but there are a few things that can be adjusted to suit your particular needs.


Seems like you’ve been hard at work. Can’t wait to see the difference the new indicators make! One of my problems is; i’m a night owl so i’m not up in the morning (the best time to trade). I used to be the complete opposite a 100% morning person.


Check out the binary sharp shooter its included in the elite room charts and is broadcasted around the clock. We will be releasing the indicator into the toolkit in the next week or two.


Can this indicator be used with other bars besides minute bars?


It can be used on any bar just load it up and try it :slight_smile: There are infinite combinations.