Trend Confirmation Histogram


Is there a reason this is not on the Izone Sharpshooter Chart…Could it be

Also, I was looking for the training video for Trend Catcher, but can’t find it in the list of indicators in the forum


It’s not part of the system, would not add any benefit.


Under the Elite menu, third option down is training courses and you can find Trend Catcher there


Focus on IZSS Dusty your going to be doing to many things makes it hard to be succesful.



I am believer in IZSS, which is even better with the addition of VAD/IOP. I can quote the John in the training video. I understand its all there in the system. Just follow it and don’t over think. Follow the rules. This week, especially today, I lost money for reasons I don’t get. I only entered three trades, one small win and two for losses. When I lost, even while following the rules and indicators exactly, it seemed to me that I lost because I was trading against the prevailing trend of the Market. Result and got reversed or stopped out. Kind of makes one trigger shy.


Dusty your post shows nothing so it explains nothing dont ask questions without charts its not helpful for anyone.