Trendar Momentum Indicator


This indicator is used with IZone Sharpshooter. Specifically, if the Trendar is above the zero line, then it can override the bar color on the trend catcher bar (i.e., on that screenshot if the bar is orange or red but that Trendar is above 0 (any color above zero) or any amount above zero, then it counts as a green bar. All other rules MUST still be in place.

Here is an example, the bar was orange, but the Trendar was above the zero line allowing a valid long entry.

Click here for more details of how it is used with IZone Sharpshooter

Click here for complete details of IZone Sharpshooter rules and setup


Just when I didn’t think this system could get any better! Way to go Darrell and team! I can confirm TRENDAR is amazing!


More awesome sauce! :smiley:


Been going over the charts and looks like this can solidify better trade entries. I will be keeping an eye out tomorrow for these set ups… See how this goes. Apex just increased the profit wins to 90% and above if you follow the rules correctly with IZSS method. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! God bless!