Trying to place straddle but orders keep getting cancelled


I’m trying to place a straddle but when I opened long call spread it gets cancelled out when l open the short call spread. I tried buying the same pair, same expiration time different call spreads…
Pair: EU Expiration: 3pm order type: Market Call 1.1190 -1.440 Put 1,0940 - 1.1190 Using Nadex platform I also tried to place limit orders to close orders once they reached a target but I noticed these would also close the orders. I’ve tried searching youtube, I did find videos on strategies but none showing the execution. I would really appreciate any advice, Thanks, Alan


Can you post a screenshot if this happens again? This doesn’t sound to me that this should be happening, but having a visual could help.


Thanks for your reply, I must have been doing something wrong because it works fine now. Thanks again.