Ultimate Nadex master Course


Hi guys,

I am new here and looking to take the Nadex course. Has anyone taken the course and what’s your thoughts and review about it. What time this strategies can be applied? Can I trade at evenings and nights using the strategies taught in the course? I work full time so can’t trade during day. Is there a group chat like discord or anything else that I can join to get some information and get idea how you all trade Nadex binary options?

I appreciate you all reading this and taking your time out to respond and help.


Hi AZIZKHANSHKOOR I took the “Break Out Mastery Course” around 6 months ago and found it a great course. I would consider myself a novice trader who started out with Binaries with no success.

The course is split into a number of modules covering a specific subject. Essentially it starts from the basic stuff of how to set up your Ninja Chart, right through to how, when, and why you would enter a trade.

The Chart Template and indicators you get when you sign up for the course are excellent to get you started. As time goes by and your knowledge grows, you may want to add more indicators to your chart. I’ve added 50 EMA and 8 EMA as I find the stronger sets ups usually have the EMA’s crossing.

So, the real question is, after I completed the course did I get off to a great start. Unfortunately, no, and this was entirely my fault. I wasn’t analysing the charts as well as I should. Also, In, addition, I let my emotions get the better of me and revenge trading cost me a lot of money.

I also work fulltime and I’m from the UK, so by the time I get home from work I’m usually trying to trade the afternoon of the US session which can be quiet sometimes. One of the things I did find difficult when trading Binaries, was trying to find the strike prices in Nadex that the course recommends you target.

This was quite frustrating and led me to looking at less than ideal strike prices which, reduced profit and increased risk. Because of this situation, along with the all or nothing drawback of Binaries, I decided to focus more on Spreads and more recently Touch Brackets.

This has changed my trading behavior completely. I’m analysing the charts more accurately than I was before, looking for the long term moves either to scalp or follow until the move begins to run out of steam. Normally around the levels that are indicated on your chart. This is all using the Break Out Strategy taught on the course.

Once you’ve completed the course you can submit a support ticket to be added to the Break Out Course Skype Room. I’ll be honest I don’t go in there much but will probably make more of an effort as it’s a good place to meet other break out members.

In closing I’ll say I’m very happy that I made the purchase, and it was and still is, worth every penny. It renewed my confidence and enthusiasm for trading at a time when I was ready to give up, because I had tried various things in the past that quite simply didn’t work.

That experience although painful taught me one hard lesson. There are no shortcuts, if you want to make money trading then you will have to learn how to trade. Apex and the Break Out course is a great place to start.

Hope this helps a little AZIZKHANSHKOOR

Kind Regards Dave :smile:


Im finishing the The Ultimate Nadex Breakout Trading Systems Mastery Course. Do i need 2019 intergrated 2 mth mastery course start?


No. The 2019 Integration Course is not required for “The Ultimate Nadex Breaktout Trading System Mastery Course”, it is self-contained. However, if you would like to expand your trading knowledge and strategies at you disposal, I would check out the 2019 Integrations Course.