Using Deviation Levels For Trading


I’ve been watching videos on Deviation Levels. Until I can become an Elite Member, this is one of a few methods I can utilize. However, I’m still not understanding the details in using them for profitable trades. (It could simply be a case of taking in too much data from the videos.)

How do I use Deviation Levels for profitable trading? What Apex tools do I use, and how do I use them?

When answering, can you give examples and current strategies?


Hi D58DEC53, IZSS is the Apex premier strategy . To learn the strategy and how to use the indicators simply look under the Elite Education tab. There you will find the courses for every system and indicator. DLs are like magnets atracting price Settlement is the strongest level magnet. Also use Deviation that is another complimentary tool. Learn them both and look for patterns or consistency in how the market moves from level to level. Watch one market at the same time of day each day and also note any news events at the time. Hope that helps and i will look for more specifics for you as well.


When watching Deviation Levels throughout the day, does this apply any timeframe, or is it specific to certain timeframes (Daily, 8 Hour, 2 Hour, 20 Minutes, 5 Minutes)?

Using DL, how do I apply it to trading? Can you give some examples?

(I’m not yet an Elite Member, so IZSS is not available to me.)