Wanted: Easy, Fun Job. Pays $700/5 Minutes


By Darrell Martin

How many of you wish you could advertise for the type of job listed above, be taken seriously and get the job? It would be wonderful! You could work a few minutes a day and then be free to do what you want with the rest of your time. No more worries about your boss, your commute or your bills. With the high volume of trading surrounding the news of the FOMC and the Fed Funds Rate, it made for the perfect, but somewhat difficult atmosphere for trading and making that kind of money on two trades in just five minutes. The main thing to notice was the amount of volume that was continuously exceeding expectations.

Using Trend Catcher at Apex Investing, Darrell Martin didn’t over think the trades. He didn’t spend a lot of time working on it. He didn’t take the time to sit back and wonder what his risk/reward was going to be. In fact, as the owner of Apex Investing, he had been busy and had not even had time to watch any charts all day. He saw that the market was moving, pulled up the moderator’s charts in the chat room and traded off them!

When trading Nadex 5-Minute Binary Options, the markets that are available are: USD/JPY, AUD/USD, EUR/USD, GBP/USD.

Since there were not any good out of-the-money (OTM) contracts, your choices would be to wait for the next 5-minute contracts, watch for some in the money (ITM) contracts that would work, wait for the USD/JPY to flip or go long on the USD/JPY. Martin saw an opportunity to go long on the USD/JPY and bought 10 contracts at $57.

While still watching the movement of the charts, Martin reminded traders that the next step to do when practicing your trading profession is to get the take profits ready. Because the market was moving so fast, AUD/USD had already moved well into the take profit area and was up over $300. Martin submitted his ticket to buy at market at that time earning over $300 on that trade.

He then moved over to set take profit on the USD/JPY contract. At first glance, it looked as though it had moved against him. When you look at the image below, this looks like a loss of $470, but it is not. There is a bid/offer going on with that trade. This happens when someone has placed a bid or an offer that has not been filled. It can be a ridiculous amount that makes your profit/loss (P/L) ratio look terrible! Take the time to look at the Indicative Index in relation to the Contract Price that you bought or sold before you freak out!

When you look closer, you can see that it had just ran out of quotes. There was still a bid to sell at $10 that was influencing P/L. It expired at full profit at $100 on 10 contracts that were bought at $57. This means that USD/JPY settled for $1000. You risked $570 and the profit was $430.

What was the bottom line on the AUD/USD trade? There were 10 contracts sold at $48 so the risk was $520. The cost was $480. They were bought back at $17.75 each for a total of $177.50, and the total profit of $302.50.

This image shows the details of each of the trades Martin placed and the profit made. What about fees? Because he traded on Nadex, his fees were capped at $9 on each side for a total of $36 making his net profit $696.50 in a matter of a few minutes!

What advice does Martin have for traders trading Five-Minute Binaries? “Relax! Have Fun! Don’t make it too hard. Don’t overthink it. Put the trade on. Put the take profit on. Move on to the next trade.”

To see the video of Martin doing these trades, click HERE. To learn more about how to trade with Trend Catcher, visit www.apexinvesting.com, a service of Darrell Martin.

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