When to close a losing trade?


Hi, Last night, I had an enhanced X box trade go against me. I didn’t have the nerves to let it hit my stop loss since I didn’t want to lose the previous day’s gain so I closed it out early. But in hindsight, the trade came right up to the stop loss and reversed and eventually hit the profit target:

Should I have had stronger nerves and risking losing more or would you have closed the trade when you saw it turn against you?

Thanks, -Doug


When to close a losing trade seems to be based upon your tolerance level and the size of your account.

I noticed with this trade that you were in profit and you let it reverse against you.

Are you using an ATM on Ninjatrader to help with your trading goals?

On the Sniper page, go to Section 7 Step 4, and watch the quick video on setting up an ATM.


  1. For ES, the Stop Loss is 17 and the Profit Target is 7.
  2. The profit point is 8 ticks from the close of the reversal bar, NOT 8 ticks from where you enter.
  3. Don’t try to pursue more ticks than what is recommended, or else, you’ll lose what you could have earned.
  4. If you’re trading manually, get out at 7 ticks profit.

Hope this helps.


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