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I just came across your post on Amazon Workspaces. I’m going to be purchasing the performance tier. There’s a ton of information when I’m logged in to the account that’s over my head (i can’t even seem to find where to actually purchase the performance tier). Any tips/tricks on how to properly set everything up and load Ninjatrader and Apex Toolkit correctly?
Thanks for your time.

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Hello @elliot12

No worries, glad to help. Here are some screen grabs that should help you along. Let me know if you need anything else or get stuck somewhere.

  1. Narrow down which package you need (I have Performance tier - I already have office software so I do not need it on my workspace)

  2. Sign up for AWS at this link:

  3. Once you have created your account log into your management console and you should see this page - follow the instructions in my screen grab

  4. Select your bundle and launch your workspace as instructed in this screen grab

I hope this helps. :smile:



With Peter’s help, I also am an AWS member.



Me too, and it’s been working great for me! Thanks Peter!


That’s awesome! Glad it was helpful. I’m really happy with it. I can trade pretty much from anywhere there is an internet connection and not have to worry about performance issues.



I signed up for an AWS desktop but cant figure out



What are you having trouble with?



Thanks! I got it going. This really works quite well. Ninja runs fine on my AWS desktop. IZSS works fine too. All of my problems were caused by my computer’s limited capacity. AWS is the way to go. Thanks again.






Have you ever encountered this?


I was able to log in to my AWS account through a mobile device.



I have not seen that one before. Sometimes if I just performed a reboot of the AWS workspace I doesn’t connect right away but it’s a different message.


Hello there Peter,

I am very interested in the AWS as a solution for my issue. I have so many electronic gadgets and it is crazy I am thinking of buying yet another for trading. My laptop has something that is blocking connection to CQG. I can’t find it and neither could the NT CS rep. I am running the charts on my wife’s laptop but it is very, painfully, slow to load them. It acts as if it will become non responsive for a full 2 minutes before it will load NT and let me connect. I use an iPad for a lot of day to day stuff but it will not run the scanner very well at all. It is similar to using a flash emulator in order to run flash. I was going to buy a mini laptop that was reasonably fast in order to load charts. It would still create a problem if the corporate firewall is blocking CQG.

Would the AWS remedy all of these problems?

I read that yours will load the charts fine and can be accessed from anywhere. Would I be able to access all of the features of NT as well as the whole APEX website… from an ipad or my phone? I am ready to move forward with something but want to make sure I am understanding how this works. Are you able to enter the HotCom trading room on the AWS as well?

Thanks in advance and apologies for the question grenade I just threw in your lap! Cheers!



Yes you would be able to do all of this on an AWs workspace and can access it from any computer with internet. an Ipad or I phone would not give you the access you need to everything, You would need to use an actual computer of workspace to access all properly


Hello Scott,

You could definitely run Ninjatrader with ease on an amazon workspace. You can also run the apex website on it if you so choose to do along with any windows application that you need including the Hotcomm trading room.

You are able to connect to the AWS workspace from an smart phone or tablet. Trading from a phone or tablet would not be the easiest thing to do but that isn’t to suggest it could not be done, I just would not recommend doing so in that way.

I hope this was helpful.



Hello to both of you and thanks for the replies. It does help tremendously, especially mentioning the difficulty of using a phone or ipad to access everything. Thank you both.

Happy Trading



Hello I had a question could I download google chrome to run all the apex toolkit and scanner on the workspace because it only running Firefox


Yes, you can.


Thanks for all your help. I have another question.

I got too small a AWS desktop, and I want to increase it to the bigger allocation (8 G Bytes RAM) but I can’t find the place to do this, or how.

Could you point the way, I have become frustrated looking at the same windows for so many times that I just can’t figure it out!




Hi timelord914, I have a question about the AWS and I noticed that you are the specialist of the Apex Community.

Is it possible to work with 2 monitor with this kind of desktop? For examples on the first the charts (SEES or IZSS or Alchemy) and on the second the the Nadex website?

Thanks a lot for your kind feedback.

Regards from Switzerland