Amazon Workspace ( AWS ) tips



Hello David,

Yes, AWS supports up to two monitors. If you have more than two monitors it can be problematic, but I have devised a workaround for that. If you need that information let me know, otherwise two monitors will work just fine. You will have to set the AWS to full screen mode to enable dual monitor support (view screen grab below)

Thanks Peter


Fine, for me 2 monitors are enough. Thank you for your help!


Hey Peter,

What is the upload/download speed for the AWS you’re using?

Thanks, Nate



Hey Nate,

It’s pretty quick, much faster than I have at my house. :slight_smile:

I just did this right before I posted, I had Ninja running at the same time with multiple charts open.




Holy moly! Thats amazing :smiley:

Currently in the process of figuring out if its better to upgrade the service or just get a workspace. After seeing this though, nothing in the area can compete.

Only thing holding me back a little is that I do have 4 screens, but you said you had a work around for that? Should I PM you for more details?

Thanks again for sharing.


Hello again Nate,

Sorry for the late reply, I do have a workaround but it involves setting up a virtual machine and dedicating 2 of the four monitors to that machine (they are still available to you to overlay a browser and such, but the VM will only see the two screens). You will need a separate windows license and installation disk to use on the virtual machine.

The way I use it is I only run the AWS client on the VM (so it doesn’t need a ton of resources to be allocated to it), I then run AWS in fullscreen mode so that it utilizes both screens that I have assigned to the VM, I use these for my Ninjatrader charting and I use my remaining two screens to run the Apex scanner and the chat room or any other software I may need at the time. I have a youtube video I did a few weeks back as a quick tutorial if you are interested (link below).

Let me know if you need any other help.



No worries, your info is much appreciated. Thanks for the video link, will have to revisit that when I figure out what I’m doing.

Side note, your ‘First Flight’ vid is making me a lil homesick :wink:


LOL! I haven’t taken the drone up this year yet, but I’m getting it ready for some summer flying soon.




Peter, What did you select for encryption? Root or volume encryption ?


Hi David,

You can choose to have both the root volume (c:) and the user volume (d:) encrypted. I just chose the user volume since all of my data is stored on that volume.




Hi Peter thanks for the reply. How do access windows explorer? When I click on the explorer icon at the bottom of the screen I get taken to an AWS page. Thanks for your help Peter. You are a godsend.


Hi Peter

I typed Google into the AWS address box. I then typed in Apexinvesting into Google’s search box. I’m trying to download NT and Apex toolbox onto my AWS. On the Apex website I went to the course on getting started with NT and Apex. When I tried to play the video I got an error message telling me to try back later. I went to Youtube and tried to watch a video but none of the Youtube videos would play. I got the same error message. Do you have any idea what could be wrong?


Hi David,

I’m not quite sure I understand your issue. First thing you want to do is download Chrome using either Internet Explorer or FireFox from the All Programs menu. Once you have installed Chrome, then log into the Apex Investing website and log in.

Best way to get going once you have logged into the Apex Investing site is to click on the Home menu and Start Here sub menu which will take you to this page

Follow the instruction there to set up Ninjatrader on your AWS workspace.

I hope this helps you get going, good luck.



Thanks for all your help Peter. OK my AWS/NT is set up and when I did a speed test my dnload speed was 342 Mbps. This is super, my prior Verizon internet download speed was 1.53 Mbps. However, I"m still having some issues. When I place an order there is a small delay. Even the voice that says order pending / order filled is very slow and dragged out. when I click and drag a chart across my screen the chart doesn’t move as a whole chart part of it moves with my cursor and part stays where it was originally then after a small delay the whole chart will be where I moved it to. and finally, I lose my connection frequently. I thought I would have more reliability with Amazon but so far I don’t. Did you experience any of this? What do you think is causing these issues?

Thanks Peter


I can honestly say I’m not experiencing any delay as you have described whatsoever and for me the connection is super stable.

I will say that my home connection is faster than your Verizon connection and that may play a role. You may want to run a traceroute to see where the connection is hanging up.




Hi Peter. What exchanges (CME,NYMX,COMEX,CBOT) do you use for your live data?


My data feed is provided by CQG.


Yeah but I was told by a Ninja rep that for a live account with Ninja, that whatever exchanges I use, they will charge me a small monthly fee for data access. For instance,CME charges $7 month. Do you trade futures? If so, are you using a different broker than Ninja. Thanks for all your help Peter. I’m running into a lot of speed bumps trying to get this thing off the ground.It’s a little bit frustrating. I wish Apex would do more videos on futures trading and Amazon work spaces than Nadex.


I actually pay around $21 a month for exchange data fees. I opted for the bundle to include all exchanges (except for ICE, that was $110/month and I didn’t really need it to trade the instruments I trade at this point).

I do trade futures and I am using Ninja Trader Brokerage through Dorman. . I’m sorry that you are having issues, Unfortunately Amazon AWS isn’t an APEX product it’s an Amazon product and they don’t really give much info on how to set up.



Peter do you think that using just CME exchange data is enough? If I’m only trading NQ and Crude oil and both are listed on CME, do I need any other exchange data? I don’t see how having the bundle will help. Can you please explain?