Amazon Workspace ( AWS ) tips


Hey Peter,

Do you use AWS with multiple monitors? I have it on my laptop and was planning on investing in a desktop. I guess, my question really is if I needed to buy a high memory desktop for trading or will AWS be able to be my only trading platform. Even for setting up multiple screens on a basic desktop?

Thanks Harmindar


Hey Peter

I guess the answer to my question is already posted. I just had to scroll up. From my understanding it supports up to two monitors.

Thanks again for helping. Will most likely pick your brain about something else later.

thank Harmindar



Hi Harmindar,

I’m sorry for the late reply. I’m traveling this week, so not monitoring the forums as much.

Yes I do use multiple monitors. If you have just two monitors, it will work great. If you have more than two (including the laptops built in screen) then you will need to use my work around I describe. Unfortunately AWS limits you to two monitors and when you have three or more connected it becomes somewhat unusable. Let me know if you have any issues.




Hi Peter,

Im a bit confused on setting up AWS.

After installing on my laptop, where do I go to next?

Can you please provide step bt step to get to ninja trader?





Hi Cheryl,

Once you have installed it on your laptop you should be able to log into the AWS Desktop using the app you downloaded. See below

If you are still having diffuculty, let me know.




Hi Peter, ive gotten that far. However, there are so many other things on here to go to. Where do I put Ninja trader! Or how do I access it? Do I need to set up any other feature? Seems like there needs to be a video to navigate to AWS for ninja trader.


The AWS is just like your desktop computer, only it’s in the cloud. That means you can install any application you wish to on it.

Just go ahead and download the Ninjatrader application and install it like you would on any computer.



HI It has been sometime since this article was written and I cannot find aything currently looking as you describe. Is the equivelant now Lightsail? If not can you point me in the right direction as frankly the AWS is a minefield for someone that just wants to plug and play! Thanks in advance for any help



Hello Graeme ,

Amazon Workspaces is still around. You can also check out Paperspace, they have options for virtual desktops. I’m actually going to be doing an updated step by step for people who are interested in using a cloud desktop option to run NinjaTrader. I’ll be doing that in the next couple of weeks and I will post it in the forum.



Thanks for the reply - never heard of Paperspace so will go take a look at them also and look forward to the guide in due course.

Happy trading


@timelord Just looked at Paperspace - and whilst looks good they only operate in the US - I have used US based VPS in the past and they don’t seem to cope with the distance (I am in the UK) so in fast markets in particular NT7 charts can go a little laggy. Do you , or anyone else have any alternate suggestions for UK users please?




If you are in the UK, I would probably say look into Amazon Workspaces. They have a data center in Ireland so that should help with the latency. Here is a screenshot of the pricing and the package I would say is best suited to run NinjaTrader.

If you need help getting the workspace set up, I would be willing to assist you.



Thanks for that Peter - will look into that and if I need help will let you know - thanks for the offer



Hi Peter - I have AWS workspace up and running OK - one Q on the Virtualisation - as I am going to be buying a couple of extra monitors I would prefer not to pay for another Windows licence straight away. Do you know if the evaluation windows - i.e. unactivated version will work OK for now?




Glad to hear that you have AWS up and running. :slight_smile:

As for the multiple monitor support on AWS I have since found another work around that does not require you to set up a VM. Amazon will function with two monitors without issue. You start to experience issues when you have more than two monitors. The solution that I have been using (discovered recently) is that I physically disconnect the additional monitors except for the two that I have reserved for my AWS. I then connect to AWS and once it is up and running I reconnect my remaining monitors and everything seems to work without issue.

I hope that wasn’t too confusing. Let me know if you have any other questions.



OK thats useful - will try that when the new ones arrive :wink: Many thanks as always


Hi Peter! Just wondering if you were able to do that step by step for paper source.



I have not had the chance to do so yet. I will be doing so very soon though.




Has anyone had issues with installing NT 7 on AWS Worskspaces? It asks me to install .Net, but the I am unable to do it successfully.

Any help/advice will be appreciated! Gert