Apex Pattern and Pattern With Scanner


Looking for a critique of this trade please

Does not explain what the Apex pattern is or what is meant by in the direction of the pattern. Can anyone clarify?


It’s all explained in the Apex Elite MVP course. This video just shows you the indicators.


Thanks, but I don’t think I can access that since I’m only an essentials member and I need it to trade 5 min binaries with the TC.


Of you are an essentials member, then you already have a preconfigured template for the trend catcher system for 5 minute binaries as part of the apex toolkit. The training courses walk you through every step on how to set up your chart. If you haven’t already done so, watch the training videos and if you already have and are still having trouble, post here or on the trading pit and someone will be happy to help.


All courses are available to view regardless of membership.

The Binary 5 min tc course shows you how to add the apex pattern with the template on the 5 min binaries.

the course explains to not worry about what it is or is about for 5 min binaries you dont have time to analyze everything :slight_smile:

The elite mvp course really dives into the pattern. But again like i say in the 5 min binary trading course - you don’t got time to think about all this you have to see act go so I try to get keep it simple for you :slight_smile: