APEX Questions


One of the markets that I like to trade is EUR/USD. I noticed that there aren’t too many trade able APEX’s. I’ve used both the 10 tick and the 6 tick bar. Is this the usual case with the EUR/USD ?

When entering an APEX trade, you’re supposed to place order 3 ticks above the high of the E bar when going long. How do you know where the high of the E bar is going to be ? Wouldn’t you need to know this if using the Stop Pug In ? Sometimes the mkt. is moving fast and if you wait till the E bar is complete the next bar or even nxt two or three bars can form in a few seconds and you miss your entry point.



You can use the bar range indicator to determine your entry point. This indicator will give you the price at which the current bar will close. In the screen grab below, the blue box shows a bar forming and the indicator is off to the right and shows the price the bar will close at if it closes up - 4440.75 and the price where the bar will close at if the bar closes down - 4434.75. You could then use the stop plugin and set it to trigger 3 ticks above/below the price on the bar range indicator.

I hope this was helpful.



Thanks timelord914