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Toolbar Shortcut price level tool diagnostic bar indicator Early Hidden Divergence Detector choppy market warning expected range classic channels mvp and mvp confluence price alert tool color time regions Volatile Trend Line quick overview of all indicators diagnostic bar sizer apex templates explained Apex Toolkit Updates Changelog Current Price Indicator classic expected range indicator apex pattern and pattern with scanner diagnostic rsi diagnostic bars diagnostic bar timer clarity price indicator Apex Indicators Explained Trend Confirm Indicator Institutional Zones Bar Style Settings expected range indicators diagnostic velocity and timer Apex Expected Time Indicator expected volume indicator Continuum Bars Bar Trend Chop Filter Trend Flip Trendar Momentum Swing Indicator Shadow Bars deviations and deviation levels Dataloading Workspace apex indicators technical support Apex Indicators Institutional Range Institutional Range also known as IR ICE Ice Volume Zone is a great indicator that is spot on for acting like very powerful magnets. Generally, you need exceeding volume to break the high and low lines. If there is not exceeding volume, it is likely to bounce back and forth between either the ICE lines or one ICE line and another strong magnet. Volume Accumulation Distribution Darrell in the Elite room May 2, 2017](<a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOaUWyiy_a8">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOaUWyiy_a8</a>) Institutional Order Prints Oscillation Detector The oscillation detector is an indicator that measures the volume in a trend and paints the numbers near the bars on the main part of the chart. It is used much like VAD A is used. The volume in the oscillation detector (OD) measures it a bit differently than the VAD does, therefore the results will not be the same. The oscillation detector ignores single bar elevators in its trend measurement and measures from the lowest low point to the highest high point of that trend. The OD paints a trend line to show you where it is measuring from. If there are two or more bars, the trend count restarts. When chop occurs, the OD will stop painting numbers real time until it knows if the trend has changed or not. If the numbers are not printing, it is reasonable to assume you are in chop or a trend change. Therefore, this indicator is not intended, nor does it help much in reading chop, but it is very helpful for seeing power plays 1, 2 and 3. By not printing in chop until the trend is determined, we do not see any repainting (seeing it one way live and different historically) which usually happens with trend volume measuring indicators. You can watch the numbers build real time unless there is chop or a trend change. get started - set up ninja-data feeds- apex toolki Trend Bands
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