In depth order print reading


In this post we will post more charts and dissecting how order prints told us what was coming. There are no cut and dried rules for reading Order Prints. One thing to remember is that it is the huge total volume numbers (and net volume) and the very small numbers (zeros and single digits) in the cells that tell the biggest stories. The battles are where to find the big stories, i.e., the big runs that are about to happen. These will nearly always start at a major level, but there may be times when the first part was missed and another battle is taking place mid field. Pay attention to the extremes. Note: Having very low overall volume will cause very low numbers in OP, this is not the same as having 0s and single digits inside of normal volume.

Some things to watch for indicating strong levels that may not be otherwise visible by any other marker on the chart:

  1. Mini magnets printing over each other at the same level or being broken only to have a new one in its place.
  2. Clusters formed on the same levels as a mini magnet.

Some things traders have noticed:

  1. if a level has several zeros and small digits, sometimes it has to try several times to break it. If it finally does, it will fly. If it cant, it will reverse.

Right after that trade happened, Order Prints gave us another chance by telling us again there was going to be more opportunities as shown in this screenshot below.

Here is another chart marked with the story OP told.

Notice in this next screenshot the mini magnets provided a solid base for the price to bounce off from, and a nice bounce it had!

A chart of some trades Lori took mainly reading OP. (More explanations to come on those golden touchbacks, how to know when they are coming in advance and when to take them.)

Here is the forum link to a live trade we followed together with OP leading the way. Click Here