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LIVE TRADE MANAGED TOGETHER IN THE ELITE ROOM 10/30/2017 10:46:14 {jpcapra1_-John} potentially a power p but I don’t like it when the p is lower than the previous p 10:46:46 {jpcapra1-John} volume is coming back in though 10:47:10 {justinsy-Justin} The bulls are holding on for dear life… 10:47:27 {lh541_Lori} this current bar has over 5k in contracts… that is big 10:47:37 {lh541_Lori} 500 short contracts… 10:47:43 {lh541_Lori} heads up on something likely 10:48:07 {lh541_Lori} cluster and it just touched back to a mm 10:48:19 {jpcapra1-John} so Lori would that confirm a power P if it closes up? 10:49:07 {lh541_Lori} i would tend to think if it breaks long… it is going somewhere because of the mm… but i would also tend to think it is going short 10:49:35 {kennmbuguan-KENNETH} Theres an exhaustion box. Watch the net contracts swing up and down. major chop on that bar. 10:49:43 {lh541_Lori} 7 k in volume on the bar. 10:49:50 {lh541_Lori} whatever it does… it is getting ready for a move 10:49:52 {kennmbuguan-KENNETH} very interesting to watch 10:51:40 {lh541_Lori} yesss… drop baby 10:52:01 {americanalpha-Kevin} left another mm up there 10:52:07 {lh541_Lori} thats what gave me the idea to go short 10:52:09 {jhawk5492-Jared} Lol, I know you took it because of what OP was saying. I took it as a PS. So let’s keep moving down. 10:52:38 {ratty1-Linda} I took it as a PS as well 10:52:44 {americanalpha-Kevin} me too 10:52:56 {americanalpha-Kevin} looking to get down to those mm below 10:53:01 {americanalpha-Kevin} well see 10:53:02 {lh541_Lori} exactly 10:53:07 {lh541_Lori} giving it room 10:53:10 {jhawk5492-Jared} That’s my target area as well Kevin. 10:53:26 {drbrian1-Brian} scalp 10 on double HD and power P sling 10:55:30 {lh541_Lori} levels with mm and clusters both on are very big levels… it had to go back and test it i guess… 10:56:06 {lh541_Lori} and the .5 dev is right there… strong level 10:56:25 {jhawk5492-Jared} I’m hoping it’s just a test on it. I’m still in right now… 10:56:31 {lh541_Lori} i got in way up there near the cluster… so im still in too 10:56:32 {americanalpha-Kevin} my stop is just above the last mm 10:56:42 {lh541_Lori} my scalp got knocked out at 20 10:57:00 {jhawk5492-Jared} Well at least you got something off it already. 10:57:20 {lh541_Lori} yeah… small stops on both… so i am leaving the trend stop alone and letting it ride 10:57:26 {lh541_Lori} everything says it will be fine 10:57:39 {jhawk5492-Jared} Good. 10:57:53 {lh541_Lori} might want to test that darn mm level… ugh 10:57:59 {lh541_Lori} i hope not 10:58:05 {lh541_Lori} hard to sit through 10:58:06 {ratty1-Linda} How did you get in at that level? did you wait for a retrace? 10:58:18 {lh541_Lori} it was playing up there when the total volume was pretty high already 10:58:19 {kennmbuguan-KENNETH} Lori, i feel the same pain… lool. 10:58:46 {ratty1-Linda} Lori, but you didn’t know at that point which way it would break? 10:59:09 {lh541_Lori} there are a couple mm above… and there was a mm right above the cluster … the cluster was nto there yet… but that mm and .5… i just saw the large number of shorts at the time …and with a very small stop… willing to risk it 10:59:56 {ratty1-Linda} Man, I wish I could see like that 10:59:58 {lh541_Lori} you will 11:00:10 {lh541_Lori} those mm below are going to pull it down at some point 11:00:19 {lh541_Lori} this is the stuff i dont like to sit through 11:00:49 {ratty1-Linda} yeah, this is a stressful trade. Got my stop right abot the first MM above, at 45.5 11:00:55 {lh541_Lori} you see the down bar just before that p above there is it now… not the last p and E …but the one before 11:01:03 {jmccabe-John} All good things come to those who wait. 11:01:16 {lh541_Lori} there was a cluster at almost the same level as the mm that was placed just two bars later 11:01:31 {lh541_Lori} that is my cue that it will stay below that 11:01:35 {donaldavid-Doug} That E l, but looming there is making me a bit nervous, but still in. 11:01:55 {lh541_Lori} so i wanted to get in as close to the as i could once i had a good reason… 11:01:49 {americanalpha-Kevin} o wow i didnt see that lori 11:02:08 {lh541_Lori} i had my eye on that one after totally missing that second half of the trip up on teh big trend 11:02:33 {lh541_Lori} is it finally done fooling around and going back down 11:02:49 {lh541_Lori} again a pretty big total forming and the bar is divergent… that is saying something there 11:03:06 {lh541_Lori} it is trying really hard to go back up… but just not happening 11:03:26 {lh541_Lori} if sellers get tired… we are toast…lol 11:03:30 {donaldavid-Doug} bar at 10 min. 11:03:49 {americanalpha-Kevin} yea our EV seems to be dwindling 11:03:50 {lh541_Lori} 244 in net buys… not pushing it up 11:03:53 {jhawk5492-Jared} Ugh, don’t say that Lori. :slight_smile: 11:04:00 {lh541_Lori} that is a REALLY good sign 11:04:19 {lh541_Lori} buyers going away slowly 11:04:24 {americanalpha-Kevin} cluster? 11:04:26 {jhawk5492-Jared} This is my first live trade in 2 weeks. So I’m hoping it goes down. 11:05:21 {lh541_Lori} i sooo dont have the patience for this stuff 11:05:33 {lh541_Lori} which is why i want the quick moves 11:05:49 {lh541_Lori} hard not to just take profit now and go 11:06:08 {schnulli3-Marion} don’t we all want the fast and easy moves? 11:06:18 {lh541_Lori} darrell can sit in a trade all day 11:06:21 {ratty1-Linda} little tougher when you’re in a loss! 11:06:46 {ratty1-Linda} I agree, the slow ones are awful 11:06:54 {lh541_Lori} 350 buyers still not pushing up much 11:06:55 {americanalpha-Kevin} 13 min bar 11:07:21 {randallsfinances-Randall} If it closes down, it should go… IMO 11:07:56 {lh541_Lori} 7 k is a big number 11:08:09 {lh541_Lori} it touched back to .5 dev 11:08:16 {lh541_Lori} so come on… drop already 11:08:19 {donaldavid-Doug} Having deep pockets lets you afford to stay in all day. 11:08:25 {ratty1-Linda} SO if this bar’s net volume switches to negative, and we still don’t go down, would you be getting out? 11:08:41 {lh541_Lori} if it switched neg… it is going 11:08:41 {americanalpha-Kevin} shes so close 11:08:47 {lh541_Lori} down to under 100 buys… look at where it is playing 11:09:07 {lh541_Lori} lots of zeros here… could retrace a bit 11:09:01 {jpcapra1-John} kaboom 11:09:10 {lh541_Lori} yeah baby 11:09:10 {ratty1-Linda} whew, 11:09:24 {lh541_Lori} it helped me to chatter during that time… i hoped it helped you a bit 11:09:28 {americanalpha-Kevin} i love apex 11:09:46 {ratty1-Linda} Oh yes, it did! 11:10:00 {rkool053-Ray} me too 11:10:01 {americanalpha-Kevin} thanks everyone, im out at the cluster 11:10:12 {jpcapra1-John} i’m out 11:10:13 {ratty1-Linda} moved my stop down to +10 11:10:21 {lh541_Lori} it may retrace and get you… be prepared for that 11:10:26 {ratty1-Linda} was hoping to get down to these MMs 11:10:37 {americanalpha-Kevin} what a trade!! 11:10:49 {jhawk5492-Jared} Apex pattern flipped. 11:10:51 {americanalpha-Kevin} beautiful right? 11:10:51 {lh541_Lori} :slight_smile: 11:11:19 {jpcapra1-John} could this be a power x near an old HOD? 11:11:24 {jpcapra1-John} nevermind 11:11:28 {americanalpha-Kevin} im done, have a great day everyone 11:11:35 {lh541_Lori} im hanging a bit …i think it will hit the mm 11:11:32 {kennmbuguan-KENNETH} I have a feeling i protected too soon 11:11:33 {jhawk5492-Jared} Well I’m out. I was doing a binary with a $15 target. I got it. 11:11:52 {lh541_Lori} woo whoo 11:11:55 {jhawk5492-Jared} Dang it… should hvae stayed. 11:12:05 {kennmbuguan-KENNETH} PLease come back for me… 11:12:07 {americanalpha-Kevin} haha 11:12:20 {donaldavid-Doug} Out at the mms 11:12:25 {ratty1-Linda} dang, I wsa so busy moving my stop I forgot to get my target out of the way. Got out right at MMs 11:12:54 {lh541_Lori} hard to take, eh linda 11:12:56 {kennmbuguan-KENNETH} anyway 20 ticks not bad. 11:13:00 {ratty1-Linda} That was so cool, having a real time commentary 11:13:03 {donaldavid-Doug} I was trying to move my stop as well, but got nailed. Still HAPPY. 11:13:50 {lh541_Lori} 60 ticks on that one… out at the mm 11:13:57 {donaldavid-Doug} 42 ticks 2 contracts. 11:14:00 {jhawk5492-Jared} Nice lori. 11:14:02 {ratty1-Linda} 36 ticks, 2 contracts 11:14:08 {lh541_Lori} so what did you learn on that one? 11:14:10 {lh541_Lori} 1. HUGE net volume is a heads up that a big trade is coming 11:14:17 {jhawk5492-Jared} That’s why I can’t wait to start trading futures. So limited on what I can do with binaries. 11:14:30 {lh541_Lori} 2. mm and clusters within a few ticks of each other are HUGE levels 11:15:00 {lh541_Lori} when mm are really close… within a few ticks of each other… they form a huge level also. 11:15:26 {lh541_Lori} when they are a bit further apart… they are an indication of chop… but REALLY close… they form a big level 11:15:10 {elbunko-Jimmy} Took ATM 45 binary at >6240, hit MM and exited with $33 profit 11:15:36 {ratty1-Linda} copying and pasting all of this… 11:15:39 {michaelslogan-Michael} Commentary was very useful for me 11:15:54 {lh541_Lori} i had to keep myself busy or i would never have sat through that… so thank you for letting me…lol 11:15:48 {jhawk5492-Jared} Nice Jimmy. 11:15:55 {jpcapra1-John} kind of like where it just bounced off of 11:16:00 {ratty1-Linda} no better way to learn than this, that’s for sure 11:16:08 {kennmbuguan-KENNETH} Your trade management Lori was also a big factor on that trade. 11:16:15 {jhawk5492-Jared} Well I appreciate the commentary as well. Kept me from getting scared too much on that retrace. 11:16:19 {elbunko-Jimmy} I was so close to exiting the trade, but Lori’s chatter kept me in 11:16:49 {schnulli3-Marion} Don’t forget to pay your commission to Lori 11:16:50 {schnulli3-Marion} lol 11:17:04 {majahn-MattJ} I wasn’t even in that trade and I learned a lot from the commentary in here. thanks. 11:17:08 {jhawk5492-Jared} Lori, will you accept another Gold star? 11:17:11 {Jeff1355-Jeff} (Ver:7.50.070) Connected 10/30/2017 [Encryption Active!]. 11:17:14 {ratty1-Linda} there would have been time to get a spread on that one, if I knew what I was doing 11:17:16 {tekoa977-Matt} So Lori, you’re net 130 ticks for the day? 11:17:30 {donaldavid-Doug} My usual MO would have gotten out at BE, but Lori definetly helped me stay in as well. 11:17:38 {lh541_Lori} umm… i am a bit more than that today 11:17:39 {elbunko-Jimmy} When price action is dancing above the cluster, it makes me think its closing agaisnt my trade, but what matters most is close of the bar 11:17:45 {chuckd107-Aaron} first successful trade with a spread! 11:17:55 {tekoa977-Matt} beautiful! 11:17:58 {ratty1-Linda} Aaron! cool!!! 11:18:57 {jhawk5492-_Jared} Good job Aaron! 11:19:03 {lh541_Lori} Traders helping traders :slight_smile: 11:24:48 {lh541_Lori} so now you have a good thing to go back with homework… replay that day and time and watch this thread as you watch the price playing 10/30/2017, 10:30 ET ish a.m. 11:25:21 {lh541_Lori} good practice… to see what is happening when you are not stressed in a trade.

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