Bar Velocity & Bar Timer questions

  1. I notices on the Bar Velocity indicator there is a horizontal blue line called the High Velocity Marker, but I could not find any reference to it in the videos. What is it’s purpose and what is the default value?

  2. In a video Darrell showed how to drag and drop the Bar Timer onto the Bar Velocity chart. I like this (I changed the Timer to Hot Pink to differentiate it from the blue Velocity bars) and was wondering if it is possible to shift one of the indicators so they appear side by side instead of on top of one another?

  3. When I did the drag and drop the scale on the right for the Bar Timer changed from trading in minuets to decimals (0.2, 0.4, 0.6 etc.). Using the TC rules, Bar Timer must be < 3-min to enter. Is 0.3 equal to 3-min w/ this setup? When I draw a line (pink) at 0.3 it doesn’t seem the match the value of the bar (The pink indicator reads 7.57 but appears between 0.4 & 0.6 on attached chart). How do I fix this? Could you add a marker to the Bar Timer, similar to the High Velocity Marker, that could be set at 3-min?

Thanks in advance.

MyChartSetUp.PNG (58.6 KB)


One other question, for these indicators, should the Calculate on Close be True of False? Thanks.


The idea came to me to widen the Bar Timer bars from 3 to 10 while keeping the Velocity bars all at 3 wide. I don’t know how much this helps but it does show the relationship between the 2 indicators. Besides my granddaughter LOVES the pretty colors. Also I turned the Price Marker to False in the Chop Filter. This removes the red/green marker in the right margin. There doesn’t seem the be any need for it.

I’m still looking for answers to the other questions.

PinkBars.PNG (58.3 KB)


OK I discovered on of my mistakes. I had to change the line so that it was linked to the Bar Timer not the Bar Velocity scale. I gues if I play with this long enough I answer all my own questions.

Bar timer set.PNG (37.5 KB)

26 ticks total with 2 contracts on CL!

Did you review the indicator videos here: Question - Forum Study - Apex Indicators?

  1. High Velocity is a very fast bar. its among the fastest on the chart. There is no setting. Its relative by market so it auto calculates.

  2. no they can’t be side by side

  3. when you drag and drop it you have a left and a right axis now one is for your minutes the other is for your velocity just look on both sides of the chart

  4. I show you how to add a line marker to the timer in the course just use the drawing tool. If you want an “alert of sorts” you could try putting price alert on but tie it to the indicator itself that is a bit more advanced.

  5. You want real time and real speed (velocity - so you would use calculate on bar close = false (else you would be waiting till the end of the bar to know time and velocity…)

  6. yes one thin one wide is a good way to distinsuish them

  7. Yes you can turn price markers to false and databox false etc… to clean up the right side of your price level charts… You should only have values on the right access plotting that you care to know the value itself live.