Clarity Price Indicator


Clarity Price Indicator



So does this indicator change entry / exit rules for futures? The ‘break by 3 ticks’ and ‘5 tick stop loss’ rules (and all the others) have been around a long time and must incorporate the ‘spurious tick’ that gets you in / kicks you out of trades. Would you tighten those rules based on using the Clarity Price?

Also, is there a way to have NT’s ATM triggers be based off an indicator (like this one) instead of the market price?


I would not tighten or change the rules. Just use the clarity price hitting it before getting in is the way to filter it out. At this point however that would mean that when/if the clarity price is hit then you would manually have to enter/buy/sell at market etc…

The ATM can not be based off an indicator to my knowledge without programming. But who knows anything is possible. I will add that to our programming line up as a potential possibility.


I can see it now… the APEX-patented, Clarity-price superDOM. Then you’d make $0.10 patent money off every use, like the static SuperDOM guy!