Did I do the P2 boomerang trade right?


Here’s the chart with my blue line showing the setup bar http://screencast.com/t/A9GYU6GX7

Here’s my working order/stop trigger to get in. I never got filled http://screencast.com/t/Bpwsymm4bN1w

Can someone explain what the closetoclose and the hit to lo expected ranges are? I don’t understand what they are supposed to do for us. Why have both instead of just one.


Just seeing the top strip of the chart.


Sorry, here’s the whole chart http://screencast.com/t/A9GYU6GX7 it’s right around the 10:45 mark.


Looks like a legit set up, but can you explain your working order and why you put it at that price or even as a working order? Are you trying to buy here or sell here? The close to close is the range the market normally opens at and closes within The high to low is the highes and lowest point it normally reaches they are just there to help give you an over view of the market conditions and what to expect. For Boomerang we use the High to low


Thanks. I was trying to sell. The procedure for the boomerang is to enter 1 tick above/below where the market is at the close of the trigger, right? In my case since I was selling I wanted it 1 tick below the 7235 close so I set the working order to 7234 with a 1:1 risk reward ratio. That being said I can’t set my price I just have to hope the price is $50 when the market gets to 7234. It could be at $45, but with the stop trigger/working order ticket I have no control over it.


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This video explains the expected ragne indicator

The indicator explain the expected movement from high to low

the close to close display the expected movement from 1 close time of one segment of time to the closing time of another segment of time

Ie closing time of last hour to next hour expected distance is x ticks

High to low from last hour to this hour is expected ticks


The one price you can count on is that the price will be a $50 + bid/offer spread when the market hits the strike. Beyond that IV changing, time to expiration, and distance from the strike will all highly impact the price of a binary at a increased rate as expiration approaches.