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Cool shortcuts and tricks that Austin shows as well. If you want to watch this video in a faster speed, you can always click settings, then speed and scroll down to click a faster speed.

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To include a screenshot in your post using jing:

  1. Take the screen shot and upload it to Jing as described in the video above.
  2. Click on the “Upload” button in the tool bar above
3) Chose "From the Web" and paste the URL that Jing gives you into the box. 4) Press "Ok" Make **SURE** you put the **LONG** url into the "From the Web" box. It will end with a .png. Example of short URL: Example of long URL: One way to get the LONG URL is to click on the "View on" link after Jing sends your screenshot to Screencast: Then when the image comes up, right click on it, and chose "Copy Image Location" You can post link for larger image viewing or you can just right click on anyone's image and say open image in new tab and can see it larger. But having it locally viewable along side questions makes it much easier for everyone. Also don't forget setting clock and charts in ET (Eastern Time) makes it where everyone can see the same thing and easily communicate. Always include the whole chart - so instrument, settings at top, price on side, time on bottom is viewable and try to not just zoom in on a few bars but allow the day to be seen/trade to be seen in context of multiple trades etc.. - though you only need to mark up what you have questions about.


Hello, Thank you very much for the Jing above video, good job and well done! I am not a computer savvy and I am amazed by the speed at which Mr. Darrell Martin flips between his different screens he is working with. I watched one of his training videos on how to trade the 5 min binaries, he had the Nadex platform open,the Apex binaries scanner open, his Nadex order tickets open (Buy and Sell) and God knows what else he had open/minimized. He mentioned a software File exTender he was using to pin his screens and pull the screens as he needed. Do you know where I can find a web link that explains how to pin the screens you need to work with and how to open the screens after you finish downloading/installing File exTender software?? Thank you


Here is the section of the forum that list multiple free software tools available for traders


I posted an image in this post following the above instructions. The post shows a link not the image, what am I doing wrong? How to use DOM to trade mini futures contracts


same issue here. all of the posts that have an image linked dont show the image for some reason. let me know if someone knows how to overcome this. Thanks


Here are some screenshots that I took following the steps above.

I would also like advice on the problems illustrated by these screenshots. I have reinstalled Ninja Trader, completely emptied the cache and these allowed and opened a new desktop with a few instruments, and then connected to my data providers – CGQ & InteractiveBrokers IdealPro (forex) – waiting for the data to fill the charts.

The futures charts filled with historical data and look fine to me. Here’s an example

But the forex charts filled with one bar and no historical data.

Any suggestions on how I can solve this problem?

Many thanks in advance.


It appears that since your Euro Bund Futures Chart loaded that you may not have the 6E loaded in your Ninja Trader Instrument Manager… Apex Indicators draw from Spot Forex . Thus 6E,6A, 6B, and so on. Without the 6’s loaded you will not be able to use your indicators for your Forex charts. Oh, be sure you are on the correct Contract month for the 6’s. They run the same as US Indices and will need to be rolled like other Markets.


Thanks. Very helpful.


Hello, does the system work a different way now? I have downloaded jing but when I take a screenshot and click on the image in the browser I get a new link but not a png link.



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