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NQ files

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NQ ALL NEW FILES TO USE as of 01/04/2019: 9 files

ApexDiagnosticPriceLevels_Lori_NQ_Magnet1.ini (2.1 KB)

ApexDiagnosticPriceLevels_Lori_NQ_Magnet2.ini (2.0 KB)

ApexDiagnosticPriceLevels_Lori_NQ_Magnet3.ini (2.0 KB)

ApexDiagnosticPriceLevels_Lori_NQ_Magnet6.ini (2.0 KB)

ApexDiagnosticPriceLevels_Lori_NQ_Magnet4.ini (2.0 KB)

ApexDiagnosticPriceLevels_Lori_NQ_Magnet5.ini (2.0 KB)

ApexDiagnosticPriceLevels_Lori_NQ_Magnet8.ini (2.1 KB)

ApexDiagnosticPriceLevels_Lori_NQ_Magnet7.ini (2.0 KB)

ApexDiagnosticPriceLevels_Lori_NQ_Magnet9.ini (2.0 KB)

THESE FILES BELOW ARE REALLY OLD BUT STILL HAVE SOME GOOD VALUE. Some of them are incorporated in the above files and duplicates can be removed

NQ 03/09/2018 Only the big ones are here all in one file. If you add volume magnets obtained with a 10 min. chart as Darrell has taught us, you will have all the levels you need for now.
ApexDiagnosticPriceLevels_Lori NQ 0309.ini (2.0 KB)

NQ brick walls update 12/15 from Lori. The A file remains the same as it was, only the B has changed because new walls were added to it. You need to have both on your chart, but if you already had “A” loaded, you do not have to reload that one again, just use it as you have it. Update the “B” file. If you are new to these walls, load the indicator twice and load A into one and load B into the second instance of the Price level tool.

Here are Lori’s NQ walls current as of 01/12/2018 There are 4 files…add the price level indicator four times and load one in each indicators as instructed above.

ApexDiagnosticPriceLevels_A_Lori_NQ_12-12.ini (2.0 KB) ApexDiagnosticPriceLevels_C_NQ_Lori_01-12.ini (2.3 KB) ApexDiagnosticPriceLevels_B_NQ_Lori_12-20.ini (2.3 KB) <a class=“attachment”
ApexDiagnosticPriceLevels_D_NQ_Lori_01-12.ini (2.1 KB)


If you have additional walls not on these files, check with Lori. There may be walls she purposely left out, but there may be some she missed. The A and B files are from 12/12 and 12/20 (just renamed) and there are no changes to those files. The C file has changes. There is an additional D file for 01/12 The price level tool needs to be added to the chart four times and load A to one, B to one, C to one and D to have all the current walls at all the levels

updated 01/04/2018
ApexDiagnosticPriceLevels_A_Lori_NQ_12-12.ini (2.0 KB) ApexDiagnosticPriceLevels_B_NQ_Lori_12-20.ini (2.3 KB) ApexDiagnosticPriceLevels_C NQ Lori_01-4.ini (2.2 KB)

12-20-2017 3 files
ApexDiagnosticPriceLevels_A_Lori_NQ_12-12.ini (2.0 KB) ApexDiagnosticPriceLevels_B_NQ_Lori_12-20.ini (2.3 KB) ApexDiagnosticPriceLevels_C_NQ_Lori_12-20.ini (2.1 KB)

12/15/2018 ApexDiagnosticPriceLevels_A_Lori_NQ_12-12.ini (2.0 KB) ApexDiagnosticPriceLevels_B_Lori_NQ_12_15.ini (2.3 KB)

** NQ brick walls for 12/13 from Lori**
ApexDiagnosticPriceLevels_B_Lori_NQ_12-13.ini (2.2 KB) ApexDiagnosticPriceLevels_A_Lori_NQ_12-13.ini (2.0 KB)

I leave these files in just in case you want to run replay on a given day, you can add these walls from older days. See the date on the files.

** NQ brick walls
ApexDiagnosticPriceLevels_B_Lori_NQ_12-12.ini (2.1 KB) ApexDiagnosticPriceLevels_A_Lori_NQ_12-12.ini (2.0 KB)

NQ 3/18 contract walls updated for 12/11 (updated by Denali…thank you Mike!)
ApexDiagnosticPriceLevels_A_Denali_NQ_12_11.ini (2.1 KB) ApexDiagnosticPriceLevels_B_Denali_NQ_12-11.ini (1.9 KB)

12/6 walls from Lori (the first levels Lori put in) ApexDiagnosticPriceLevels_Lori_NQ_A.ini (2.0 KB) ApexDiagnosticPriceLevels_Lori_NQ_B.ini (1.9 KB)

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