Problem with NADEX, can you help please?


Hi all, I want to thank for all the free tools and information here. I used nadex demo to trade DAX spreads and decided to go live. After a while i see I can not scalp DAX for 15 pips and i want to withdraw my money from NADEX. And because i am from EUrope, my bank does not have american routing number and i can not do the withdraw from online aplication. I senden over 20 emails to all email adresses I found on Nadex site or to some guy called “Jeff” from Nadex i spoke when i open my live account. I do not underestand where is a problem to answar me to one single mail. I am now very afraid to trade with them or to fund again my account by my debit card when i am not able to withdraw it by card and i do not have US bank account, so I have to leave the money in Nadex and trade with some other broker? sorry, but i tryed every way to communicate with them, you are my last hope, maybe you can clear my what i am doing wrong. Thank and sorry for this long message.


Have you called them directly and spoke to them over the phone to find out your options and what the process would be? I would call directly and speak to them. That may get you a more clear path then emailing to all those different addresses