Starting with my SIM this week


I have been working with my SIM this week and I find myself experimenting inside and outside of the rules. I am learning very quickly why you use them. Starting next week I am going to be more strict about following the rules (while still practicing in the SIM). I am going through this program along with my dad, we are even sharing the same office to help each other out. Excited to start doing good with this so we can elevate my family’s potential. I am hoping this will lead to me being able to take my family on a lot of road trips starting next year!!!

1 quick question. I made a trade that I had a question about and it says I can’t post my screenshot because I am a new user. Does anyone know what I need to do to post a screenshot?



You should be past the “New User” stage now. If you’re still having problems putting pictures in your post, please refer to this post:


I am able to post them now. Thank you.