The Importance of Clusters


By Darrell Martin

Order Prints are the new Apex Investing Institute’s indicator and were discussed in a previous article. (See Understanding and Utilizing Order Prints In Your Trading.) One point that was not shared in that article but saved for this article was the point of control or POC. This is the gray shaded box in the Order Print as shown in the image below.

The POC is the price point that had the most volume within that bar. There were buy and sell levels at all the other prices listed in the bar, but the shaded gray bar is the point of control. That particular price level had the most action in that bar.

Some bars will show purple instead of gray. These are called clusters. Apex Order Prints are programmed to show clusters.

What is a cluster? Some fancy algorithms go into the programming and formulation of clusters. However, simply put, a cluster will show up when the POC of that bar and the price level above it and below it is x times more than that of the last bar(s). Clusters are important because they show you that something is going on. They give you a heads up that something is happening or about to happen in the market. Not every cluster is a trade, but it is a good heads up to start looking at your trading surroundings.

Clusters combined with Mini-magnets are very powerful. They give you even more insight into your trading and your chart. Order prints will plot Mini-magnets for you to be aware of and use in your trading.

If you are trading levels, it doesn’t matter what levels you trade: strong levels, deviations, settlement, I-zones, support/resistance, swing levels, or high/low of the day or previous day, take a look at the Order Prints clusters. Being able to see the clusters and knowing that something may be about to happen can be helpful.

Clusters are one of the most powerful parts of Order Prints. If you’re not utilizing Order Prints, it is as if you are trading blind! There are audio alerts available on the clusters to give you another heads up that something is happening or about to happen.

Just like a magnifying glass gives a closer view of whatever you are looking at, Apex Order Prints allow you to see inside the bars on your chart as they form. Not only will you know if the bar closed up or down, but you will know if it closed up with volume and if it closed up with a cluster.

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