ToolKit Update 1-29-2014


Toolkit updated and uploaded (Download the update with the apex logo on your desktop/in your start menu, or using the toolkit links above in the p3/deviation/elite menu

MVP Indicator Conflict errors resolved

Colors and formatting more

Alerts showing in alert window

Alert speech more recognizable

Chart flashes when alert is happening on it

Offset lines dashed

Some odd arrow issues resolved

Also added in a breakout alert feature versus instant signal ie for 4 min bar ITM strategy (helps on choppy markets) Enable this feature under 05 Signals - 01 Mode Instant or heads up This will require the low to be broken of the bar that got a pink arrow or the high of the bar to be broken that got a green arrow Before a breakout alert for entry is given YOu can set the ticks the high or low must be broken by it is defaulted at 2

Deviation Levels Deviation levels do not require default 24x7

Deviation Level Indicator Deviation indicator updated now includes (note may be blank until you refresh the indicator after the new update on existing charts) plot of deviation levels, (various colors) high to low (solid blue bar in %) high to current/low to current whichever is great in %, (Dashed blue line) % of deviation from settlement (Green LIne) ability to change what bars are shown and formatting/colors of bars

Future Release Date TBA will announce when done Future release will have alerts for deviation levels

Integration of MVP, deviation level integration, etc… with beta 3.0 … will release to beta leaders…then then release of 3.0 to current elite members… then will announce the release publically


This is Great news for Apex traders.