Trading Room Questions


The last few days with the trading room have been a real eyeopener, to say the least very helpful. I have a couple of questions: On Friday there were a number of really good trades and I want to understand how to best take advantage of those opportunities. Is there live talking about trade potentials or is the trade room purely observational. I saw as an example Stephen in what looked him leading traders through the gold sell trade. Was He talking through this or merely pointing stop areas and potential continued moves down. Also, the usd/jpy trade that I heard you discussing late in the day with Darby. What are your suggestions as to how I can best take note of these potential trades and act upon them? So my question is do you suggest just watching or is there live interaction that takes place? The trade room is incredible and certainly enhances my education as well as my success rate, but I want to know better how to utilize this room? I will be activating my elite account next week and want to be able to use this in the most optimal way. Thanks I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all your help.

"When you lose, don't lose the lesson!"

Glad you are enjoying it. We have been working hard to improve it more and more as you have seen now where multiple lead traders can share their screens. We will be adding audio alerts in the coming week.

The trade room is not merely observational it is definitely interactive so long as the focus is on trading setup etc…

Stephen was walking through the trade and following the rules of Apex on the trade for entries, stop loss, trailing stops etc…

We will have 3-6 presenting lead traders at any given time. Watching markets, sharing their screens, and posting trades. As you have seen, we continue to improve it. This will become more and more uniform as we ensure each of the presenting traders is up to speed on how to best post the trades in the room. We have already laid out how to do it and are walking them through it over the next week and adding in the sound alerts as well this coming week for when potential entries, cancelled entries, filled entries, stop losses, filled stop losses, pending trailing stops, updating trailing stops and filled trailing stops occur on the market being monitored in the room.

We also welcome other traders to call out trades so we all benefit and so we can also help train you on how to correctly implement the apex system.


I hope I am not being redundant but want to be clear on this. As new traders with limited experience and knowledge we will be able to follow and place trades with the elite trading room leaders (signals, calls) while learning? Does this then also mean that there is a likelihood we can be profitable before the two trial periods are complete and start paying for these services? I do understand the variables and legalities that might make this difficult to answer and in no terms am I looking for a guarantee. I just would like a good idea of what to expect.


Dalemm -

You can follow along with the traders but you probably will miss alot of the trades unless you have everything set up ahead of time. (Not sure if you already tried the demos or not so I apologize if you already know some of this info). By the time a trader posts the pending trade, they have already picked out a spread, have their price entered, and are waiting for the underlying market to hit that target price to hit submit. If you’re just watching and see that trade alert come up, then go to pick a spread, enter all the info, you could already have missed the move. Not to mention when the stops are moved or trades are exited, there is sometimes a delay in posting the info in the chat room, and the market could have possibly moved quite unfavorably against you had you just been waiting for the elite trader to post when they exited. It is VERY beneficial to follow along on the trades, taking note of when entries are made or avoided(and why), when and why stops are moved, etc. Ask questions, that is definitely the way to shorten the learning curve. I am a similar boat, I did the 2-2 week trials wanting to see if I could possibly make money to pay for the service. I found it most beneficial to make sure you watch all of the videos you can, especially the ones that cover entry/exit/trading the apex system. I found focusing on a single market I was able to really solidify the rules of the system and become consistent with it. I spent my time with the system with demo, and I feel that probably was a good idea. I avoided alot of losses because I made mistakes before really understanding the system. After a short while thought it becomes easy, and it’s just a matter of following the rules and letting the system work, and to not let your own psychology get in control of your trading. People obviously learn at different paces, and you COULD become profitable before the end of the trials. It’s all about how much time and effort you put into it. I have been in the room a little over a month trading demo and some live, and you can really see there is alot of potential in the system. The best thing is the feedback offered by the members, especially when dissecting trades and figuring out if there is anything you could improve upon. If you haven’t tried the trials yet, do it. You have nothing to lose for a month…after that, what is your education worth? If you want to continue, you will have to invest in it. That’s how my dad explained it to me, and he’s been trading for quite a few years. To me, it was worth the cost as I feel much more comfortable now than when I started.


Thanks ffpm3 that is helpful info.


Great explanation FFP

The trade room is where traders gather who are all trading the same APEX system. It is a place to observe trades, post trades, ask questions, and learn. It is very possible you could follow the signals. it all depends on how fast the market moves and how fast everything is posted (but please note that you can easiily know every signal before its posted by learning the rules). I have seen people cover 6 months of “tuition” in one week before even opening nt7 or paying anything to APEX. It all depends on the trader. But considering a college class for a semester can easily cost the same or more than 6 months on apex and a college class is obviously worth much less, apex elite is a good investment.

It is a trading community ran by other apex traders. It is not a “follow the guru” room. It is expected that every member can learn the system and come to the same trades based on the same trading conclusions based on the same rules. We have a trial, student, intern and elite status. So people can easily post trades (with the signal generator form) and get feedback. The people who ask question are the ones who learn fast, usually make money, and get up to speed on everything. I can definitely tell you FFP has posted a ton of questions and has got up to speed fast. I have been very impressed. I can also tell you the people i won’t see in a month because they don’t post any questions. People are so afraid of looking “dumb” that they would rather lose or spend 10 hours trying to find an answer they could get in 10 seconds. Any question you have 10 other people have. The question is, are you going to be the one to ask the question and move forward. We all had to ask the “basic” questions a few times over before we got it down. So hop in ask questions follow along pick a market and master it. It will be well worth your time.


Darrel, Am I seeing it correctly in the video on how to capture screen images seems to be missing a few of the (visual) steps (not audio) on posting in the trade room. You may be making a new one, I don’t know. Just wanted to point this out and although I already watched this video, I was give the link in the trading room and just want to be sure all the info is available to new members. Thanks How To Capture Screen Images and Share Them In The Forum and Rooms (specific simple steps)