Tips and tricks for ice volume zone for binaries


Ice Volume Zone is a great indicator that is spot on for acting like very powerful magnets. Generally you need exceeding volume to break the high and low lines. If there is not exceeding volume, it is likely to bounce back and forth between either the ICE lines or one ICE line and another strong magnet.

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I will be adding different examples, tips and tricks to utilize the Ice Volume Zone for trading binaries. I will post screenshots and comments. Check back often. .

A nice way to work a choppy market to get some ATM scalps on YM using the Ice Volume Zone

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Tips and tricks for ice volume zone- futures / spreads
Tips and Tricks for trading Institutional Zones

Lori I,liked this post on ICE as I saw clearly as you outlined in this chart how Voume Exceeding and/or Declinng will effect how price action will respond and be attracted or bounce off these ICE levels. As always first rate analysis!!!