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Ice Volume Zone is a great indicator that is spot on for acting like very powerful magnets. What does ICE stand for? I Can Enter and I Can Exit. LOL. There are 3 major lines in the Ice indicator. The red and the green are the most powerful lines. The blue does not take as much volume to break through. There are also 2 more lines available in the within the indicator; these are the period high and low. In the toolkit these are defaulted to transparent and do not show. They are not big levels and we have found they are more confusing than helpful. You can use them if you want, but so far I have not found them very helpful.


There is a template in the toolkit ready with the Ice, I zones, deviations and ranges ready on the chart. It is similar to the one Marilyn uses in the Elite room. It is called _ICE and Institutional zones.

Generally you need exceeding volume to break the high and low lines. If there is not exceeding volume, it is likely to bounce back and forth between either the ICE lines or one ICE line and another strong magnet. I will be posting tips and tricks with screenshots for futures and spreads in this ongoing post. I will update as capture different scenarios to post with comments.

How to stay out of the choppy chop but still profit on the scalpable chop

A picture perfect entry in bonds using ICE Volume Zone

It is really sweet when all the stars align as they did in this screenshot

As shown in the screenshot below, Darrell had a great trade here with a bounce off and Ice level, and a Profit Hunter re-entry watching magnets and deviations.

Magnet flavored ICE anyone?

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Bookmarked! Thanks Lori!


Hey Lori , how long are the ice numbers good for, and when are they updated thanks Gary


The ICE levels should be good for that day period from open to settlement. I believe they are recalculated on a daily basis.


They are calculated on a daily basis, but pretty strong numbers for the entire week.


Hi Lori,

Will you be posting all of the ICE #'s in the Elite Room in the morning? If we don’t see the numbers for a particular instrument can we just ask you to post them? Any idea if/when they will be posted to the website?




I will do what I can with the numbers. I think we are getting the bugs worked out, so hopefully it will not be long now. If you don’t see one you want, you can ask. I may or may not have a chart pulled for it, but we can see what we can do. The bonds numbers will be on camera, they are right now actually. Marilyn should have CL on her chart. KJ should have NQ on his and Trader Joe should have them on whatever instrument he has on camera. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply Lori. I will ask in the morning.



The blue lines especially can be good magnets throughout the week. :smile:

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